Ever experienced the crushing pain of losing it all or a Doctor telling you, you have 2 yrs to live?

Well, Danny Torres has gone through that and more...From experiencing death,  battling and defeating leukemia, to scaling a 7-figure business to then losing everything he has, being forced to live on the street and still coming out of that.
Founding "Live Green Live Strong" plant based supplements,
"Xpand By Demand" personal development  seminars and
"Alpha One Instinct" Mens coaching/consulting firm with intensive retreats and Helping over 1200 people overcome the adversities in their lives to get on track to achieving their dreams. He is known as a "Life's Troubleshooter". 
Hitting rock bottom a number of times and finding a way to get up and keep swinging.
What keeps him from losing the determination?
His two beautiful daughters, and his Alpha One Instinct.
With 12 years of experience as a business owner, he understands the importance of being diligent and proactive. In addition to managing his time well, being influential, empowering and inspiring others to become the best version of themselves, Danny has developed the ability to anticipate changes, be coachable, and develop alternative plans to maintain effectiveness. His greatest value is his passion is to serve impact. He has the capability and power to do whatever it takes. He coaches/mentors from experience not theory. 
Danny is still living for a reason and believes  that he is alive today because transforming lives is his purpose and mission that must be fulfilled. Authenticity and Empathy are Danny's superpowers. He can go into many different communities and impact anybody because of experiences in so many different walks of life. From poverty to wealth, to cancer  to health, from streets to corporate, from outlaw bikers to entrepreneurship. 
His Alpha One Instinct Process has allowed him to continue to thrive through adversity.
Danny Torres has also began his now newest venture of public speaking.