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Live Green Live Strong provides meticulously curated organic, plant-based supplement choices as an alternative approach to health. We listen to your unique story and health issues and develop customized plans and supplement recommendations to help manage and alleviate any concerns. Through a revolutionary combination of thorough research, proven expertise, and practical supplement production, we equip people to live stronger, longer, and healthier lives. Our products are carefully crafted with top-notch ingredients and no unnecessary fillers.

Put simply: it’s everything your body needs and nothing that it doesn’t.

At LGLS, we are…

  • Holistically Focused
  • Ageless Visionaries
  • Naturally Sexy
  • Loyal Experts
  • Infinitely Inspiring
  • Unchained Adventurers

About Our Founder

Have you ever experienced the crushing pain of losing it all? From experiencing near-death and battling leukemia to scaling and losing a 7-figure business and being forced to live on the street, Danny Torres is no stranger to struggle. Hitting rock bottom a number of times, he’s always found a way to get up and keep swinging.

Twelve years ago, Danny was diagnosed with leukemia and told he had two years to live. He stood face-to-face with a brief life of pain and suffering followed by a death sentence, and he chose to take control. Now, Danny’s in the best health and position in his life. Driven by empathy and authenticity, he uses his extensive personal and professional experience in the health industry to guide others to do the same. Known as “Life’s Troubleshooter,” Danny has helped thousands of people overcome the adversities in their lives to get on track and achieve their dreams.

In addition to founding Live Green Live Strong plant-based supplements, Danny also hosts Xpand By Demand personal development seminars and founded Alpha One Instinct, a men’s coaching/consulting firm with intensive retreats. He is the father of two beautiful daughters who inspire and empower him to help others transform their lives.

Danny Torres

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