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Our products are carefully crafted with top-notch ingredients and no unnecessary fillers. Put simply: it’s everything your body needs and nothing that it doesn’t.

Neuro health


Experience results within 60 days of daily use – or your money back.


Tumeric Ultra

Powerful anti-inflammatory that improves focus & boosts metabolism.


Hemp Oil

Stress reliever, mood booster, & more.


Neuro Health

Look better. Feel better. BE better.

We provide meticulously curated organic, plant-based supplement choices as an alternative approach to health. No matter what you’re struggling with, we have supplements to help manage and alleviate any concern. Through a revolutionary combination of thorough research, proven expertise, and practical supplement production, we equip people to live stronger, longer, and healthier lives.


All-in-One Natural Organic Liquid Vitamin

One-of-a-kind, energy-boosting dietary multivitamin and mineral supplement.

All-in-One Multivitamin

Contains over 140 vitamins to meet daily multivitamin requirements.

Vegan & Gluten-Free

Formulated with 70 organic plant-based minerals and super fruits.


Caffeine-Free Energy Boost

Liquid energy shot with zero caffeine. No jitters and no crash!

No Preservatives

Completely organic and easily absorbed and digested.

Meet Our Founder, Danny Torres

Founder Danny Torres has a deep strength and passion to help others find the end to their suffering. Twelve years after fighting for his life, being diagnosed with leukemia, and doctors telling him he only had two years to live, he is now using disease as his driver to ease the pain of those around him. That’s why he customizes everyone's plans to fit their individual needs. Whether it’s a small strategy or a comprehensive effort, he will sit down with you, listen to your requests, and prepare a customized plan that will work best for you.

At Live Green Live Strong, we believe that every human is unique and deserves optimal health. We will always put your health and well-being first.

Danny Torres

Are you ready to

Live Green Live Strong gives people a healthy, holistic choice for managing their symptoms, feeling better, and living healthy, active lives.

Real People, Real Results


Dr. Joe W.

"I tried the LGLS liquid vitamin drink, and I can't tell you how great it is to find a healthy energy drink that doesn't make you crash 2 hours later. This is an amazing product and, if you are a busy entrepreneur, this should be your new best friend."


Jenny D.

“It’s truly a blessing finding LGLS and being able to get my health back on track. Danny Torres is such an inspiration to me. It’s an honor to know you. I can’t wait to be another example of getting my life back and feeling vibrant again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity.”


William S.

"I've been taking this energy drink/vitamin shot for three months now, and it’s amazing. It’s all natural – no crash, no increased heart rate. It gives me the drive and focus without the blast you get from other energy products. Everyone should get this product as a better way of natural, daily energy vitamin intake."


Edward J.

“The LGLS energy/vitamin shot is a great all-natural multivitamin and liquid energy drink. I’m a chauffeur and do a lot of driving during the course of my week. I keep it with me always to assist in staying sharp and alert on the road without the jitters, feeling wired, or crashing. I recommend it to anyone seeking an all-natural multivitamin solution in one product.”

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